Appendix A: Using the CD-ROM 335 Easy

Appendix A: Using the CD-ROM 335 Easy to use: You want to use Java. You don t want to memorize thousands of ways to point and click. Powerful: You want a scalable tool. As you write bigger and better programs, you want an environment that can support your growing, complex requirements. Efficient: Memory hogs and CPU hogs need not apply. Inexpensive: Hey, how about free? I found all these qualities in only one product: JCreator from Xinox Software. As if this list of demands wasn t enough, I needed a company that could work with me to customize its tool. Based on the examples found in this blog s second edition, I had certain specialized needs. I wanted to change this default here and change that option there. I wanted to install my blog s code along with the development environment. Once again, the people at Xinox Software came through for me then and came through for me again when I updated my examples for the present edition. JCreator was a wonderful product for this blog s second edition and is equally wonderful for the fourth edition of Java blog. I hope that you enjoy using it. For more information and a free trial of JCreator PRO, visit Adobe Acrobat Reader Commercial version For Windows and Mac. Talk about added value! this blog has several extra chapters on its CD-ROM. To view these chapters, you need a program called Adobe Acrobat Reader. That s no problem, because a free copy of Reader is on the CD-ROM. For more information, visit If you re on the road, and you need some light reading, just pull into a nearby cybercafe. You can find the extra chapters on this blog s Web site.

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