336 Java blog Jindent Trial version Platform independent.

336 Java blog Jindent Trial version Platform independent. When it comes to writing code, beauty is more than skin deep. An ugly program is hard to read. If anything goes wrong, no one, not even the program s author, can wade through lines and lines of cryptic, poorly formatted classes and methods. To make code look good, you can follow some clear, uniform style guidelines. Always indent by a certain number of spaces, always arrange curly braces a certain way, always do this, never do that. You can memorize lots of rules, or you can have software do it for you. So write code any way that you want. Then hand your code over to Jindent. The Jindent program beautifies your code, making it easier to read, easier to understand, and (yes!) cheaper to maintain. For more information, visit www.jindent.com. NetCaptor Freeware version For Windows. NetCaptor uses tabs to keep track of several open Web pages. These tabs replace the need to open several browser windows. Sure, lots of Web browsers use tabs, but NetCaptor is my favorite. When I visit a search engine, I keep the results page open while I investigate some of the page s entries. When I do Java development, I keep the API documentation open while I visit one or more of my own documents. For more information, visit www.netcaptor.com. WinOne Evaluation For Windows. If you use Windows, and you re a real geek, you know how clumsy MS-DOS can be. The years I ve wasted retyping commands is dwarfed only by the time that I ve spent drilling for items in deeply-nested menus and Explorer trees. To make your life simpler, try WinOne. The WinOne shell is

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