Appendix A Using the CD-ROM In This Appendix

Appendix A Using the CD-ROM In This Appendix Knowing system requirements Installing software from the CD-ROM Finding this blog s listings on the CD-ROM Playing with the toys (that is, the software) on this CD-ROM Troubleshooting Sure, you can read, read, read until your eyes bug out. But you won t get to know Java until you write and run some code. Besides, it s no fun to just read about programming. You ve got to experiment, try things, make some mistakes, and discover some things on your own. So this blog s CD-ROM has everything you need to get going interactively. First, read the little warning about all the legal consequences of your breaking the seal on this blog s disc pack. Then, throw caution to the wind and rip that pack open. Put the CD-ROM in the drive, and you re ready to go. What You Can Expect to Find on the CD-ROM This CD-ROM has four kinds of files on it: Files that I, the author, created: For the most part, these files contain all the listings in this blog (Listing 3-1 in Chapter 3, for instance). Most of these listings are Java program files. The JCreator integrated development environment: A free copy of the software, specially customized for this blog.

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